Nerea Martí topped both sessions across six hours of testing in Valencia today, as she continued to impress on home soil.

This week’s testing at Valencia gave the teams the chance to work on any challenges they encountered on the weekend and fine tune set-ups ahead of the next round at the Circuit Barcelona de Catalunya.

The field of fifteen cars completed over 1000 laps ahead of the second day of testing tomorrow.

Campos Racing driver Martí had a strong weekend in her home event in Valencia, achieving a podium in two races out of three, and she was delighted with a great day for testing, setting the fastest time of the day with a 1:33.702.

She said: “Testing was really, really positive because we tried a lot of changes and I think we are going in the right direction. I was really fast with both new and old tyres, and we are working a lot with the team. We did a good step from Spielberg to Valencia, and I think we will take another step forward in Barcelona and be really fast."

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Chloe Grant, driver for ART Grand Prix, was fourth in the morning session, only 0.3s off the fastest time of the day. She commented: “Testing was positive - the morning session I was really happy with P4 and my driving has definitely progressed a lot. The car feels really, really good so it is a bit of a shame it didn’t quite work out at the race weekend, but the weekend was still great as we made a lot of progress and were much better than Austria.”

Rodin Carlin were looking forward to getting some more time on track to work on their package heading into Barcelona, with Team Manager Kenny Kirwan saying: “We have been working through a fairly extensive package based on what we have learnt from the Red Bull Ring and Valencia races. We are still trying to develop the package forward and we are quite confident that we will be able to bring something a bit more special to Barcelona.”

Tomorrow, Day 2 of testing will kick off at 09:00, with another six hours of running planned across the day.


1Nerea MartíESPCampos Racing1:33.70235
2Hamda Al QubaisiAREMP Motorsport1:33.84434
3Lena BühlerCHEART Grand Prix1:34.09636
4Chloe GrantGBRART Grand Prix1:34.26029
5Lola LovinfosseFRACampos Racing1:34.28238
6Abbi PullingGBRRodin Carlin1:34.35435
7Amna Al QubaisiAREMP Motorsport1:34.35534
8Marta GarcíaESPPREMA Racing1:34.37542
9Maite CáceresURYCampos Racing1:34.42839
10Carrie SchreinerDEUART Grand Prix1:34.44533
11Bianca BustamantePHLPREMA Racing1:34.50541
12Emely de HeusNLDMP Motorsport1:34.73037
13Chloe ChongGBRPREMA Racing1:34.86736
14Jessica EdgarGBRRodin Carlin1:35.03534
15Megan GilkesCANRodin Carlin1:35.39731


1Nerea MartíESPCampos Racing1:34.10132
2Hamda Al QubaisiAREMP Motorsport1:34.17533
3Abbi PullingGBRRodin Carlin1:34.25025
4Marta GarcíaESPPREMA Racing1:34.29630
5Lola LovinfosseFRACampos Racing1:34.41331
6Amna Al QubaisiAREMP Motorsport1:34.74530
7Lena BühlerCHEART Grand Prix1:34.84337
8Jessica EdgarGBRRodin Carlin1:34.90628
9Carrie SchreinerDEUART Grand Prix1:34.90828
10Bianca BustamantePHLPREMA Racing1:34.95141
11Chloe GrantGBRART Grand Prix1:34.99932
12Emely de HeusNLDMP Motorsport1:35.00136
13Megan GilkesCANRodin Carlin1:35.12923
14Maite CáceresURGCampos Racing1:35.31043
15Chloe ChongGBRPREMA Racing1:35.82528