Greeted by crisp, white sandy beaches, F1 ACADEMY brought their first fan outreach event to the Miami shores during Round 2. Connecting with local motorsport fans, the event enabled fellow female racing enthusiasts and members of the Formula 1 community to engage and connect like never before with an evening of Sunset Pilates.

Welcomed to the Faena Hotel, fans got the chance to get their Miami race weekend off to the perfect start. Hosted by F1 commentator and content creator Toni Cowan-Brown, three stars of the 2024 season — Williams’ Lia Block, Charlotte Tilbury driver Lola Lovinfosse and PUMA’s Aurelia Nobels — were on hand to give their insights as part of the Q&A session.

With fans taking the opportunity to meet with the trio and share their passion for motorsports with each other, we caught up with one young fan to find out the impact F1 ACADEMY has had on her and her goal to find her own place within the industry in the future.

“I’m so excited to be here,” she said elatedly. “F1 ACADEMY is such an inspirational thing — all about girls and making the world more inclusive for girls, especially in terms of motorsport where there needs to be more female representation. This is a great opportunity to have that.

“It’s so important because you don’t see a whole lot of female representation in other sports, so having these girls come up, be young and to have this opportunity, to compete with F1 on the same weekends, it’ll get more people talking about it because they’ll be there for F1 and then learn more about F1 ACADEMY to support them.”

She added: “For sure, Susie Wolff is definitely one of them (an inspiring figure they look up to), but also Bernie Collins and Ruth Buscombe. They’re just huge people who have created such a name for themselves within the sport, and I hope to one day be like one of them.

“I hope to one day be an engineer or strategist in Formula 1 or any sort of motorsport. I’ve been studying a lot and I just love it — how the community is in motorsport. Just being involved and helping to maybe inspire girls one day to continue their dreams in engineering or strategy.”

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Alongside a live podcast recording by F1R the Girls, fans had the opportunity to network and discuss their excitement for the weekend ahead before it was time for everyone to gather round with their mats. With the crystal blue sea providing a picturesque background, Shaep founder Kelsey Rose helped everyone kick back, unwind, and embrace the feeling of zen with a relaxing Pilates session.

As the evening drew to a close, there was time to reconnect, as well as enjoying some sweet treaties and goodies gifted by F1 ACADEMY Official Partners Charlotte Tilbury and PUMA.

With an action-packed race weekend ahead, the event set the stage for F1 ACADEMY to bring fans right into the heart of its growing community throughout our time Stateside.