Léna Bühler topped Free Practice in Zandvoort at Round 4 of F1 Academy as she continues her hunt to close the gap at the top of the driver’s standings.

Heading to the Dutch seaside town for the first time this year, the drivers got straight to work, completing a total of 354 laps to get themselves ready for the three races ahead of them.

Free Practice 1

Despite drivers being greeted by grey clouds as they arrived at the track yesterday, the sun broke out ahead of FP1 as all fifteen drivers took to the track.

It was a great start for MP Motorsport who set the early pace with Dutch driver Emely de Heus. Her time of 1:39.593 would eventually be beaten but after taking her first win of the season in Barcelona, the driver will be one to watch this week.

As times across the board began to tumble, Hamda Al Qubaisi and Rodin Carlin’s Abbi Pulling battled for the top spot and finished the session with just 0.2s between them. One of only two drivers to make it into the 1:37s, Al Qubaisi’s time around the 4.259km Zandvoort track was the benchmark as the drivers went into FP2.

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Free Practice 2

In a shortened FP2 session, the drivers didn’t waste any time getting up to speed, with Al Qubaisi again leading the way with a 1:38.170, before she went even faster with a 1:37.709.

With just two minutes to go, all the drivers set off on push laps and it was ART Grand Prix’s Bühler, who having secured her first win last time out in Barcelona, set the fastest time of the day with a 1:36.689, ahead of Britain’s Jessica Edgar and Spaniard Nerea Martí.

Swiss driver Lena Bühler said:

“Practice was quite good – we still can improve the lap time as I think we are not yet on the limit and it was good to see how the new tyres were going. The aim is to win the race – it is always the aim!”

What’s Next

The teams will take to the track for Qualifying tomorrow morning at 08:00 before Race 1 begins in the late afternoon at 16:30. Sunday will see the drivers take to the track for two races to wrap up the weekend.


1Hamda Al QubaisiAREMP Motorsport1:37.75817
2Abbi PullingGBRRodin Carlin1:37.96418
3Lena BühlerCHEART Grand Prix1:38.42217
4Emely de HeusNLDMP Motorsport1:38.48913
5Marta GarcíaESPPREMA Racing1:38.65617
6Chloe GrantGBRART Grand Prix1:38.96417
7Nerea MartíESPMercantile Campos Racing1:39.04017
8Carrie SchreinerDEUART Grand Prix1:39.09316
9Bianca BustamantePHLPREMA Racing1:39.45114
10Amna Al QubaisiAREMP Motorsport1:39.64317
11Jessica EdgarGBRRodin Carlin1:39.77617
12Lola LovinfosseFRAMercantile Campos Racing1:39.81616
13Chloe ChongGBRPREMA Racing1:39.88816
14Megan GilkesCANRodin Carlin1:40.15416
15Maite CáceresURYMercantile Campos Racing1:41.67417


1Lena BühlerCHEART Grand Prix1:36.6897
2Jessica EdgarGBRRodin Carlin1:37.0327
3Nerea MartíESPMercantile Campos Racing1:37.0928
4Chloe GrantGBRART Grand Prix1:37.3577
5Bianca BustamantePHLPREMA Racing1:37.3807
6Abbi PullingGBRRodin Carlin1:37.4398
7Marta GarcíaESPPREMA Racing1:37.5327
8Hamda Al QubaisiAREMP Motorsport1:37.5438
9Carrie SchreinerDEUART Grand Prix1:37.6137
10Lola LovinfosseFRAMercantile Campos Racing1:37.8407
11Emely de HeusNLDMP Motorsport1:38.2127
12Amna Al QubaisiAREMP Motorsport1:38.4428
13Megan GilkesCANRodin Carlin1:38.7367
14Chloe ChongGBRPREMA Racing1:38.7827
15Maite CáceresURYMercantile Campos Racing1:40.3097