Securing a top four finish in Race 1, Chloe Chambers believes she’s perfected her strategy as she looks to go one better next time out.

Going from eighth on the grid, the Haas driver managed to make up ground in the early phase of the race. Dispatching Williams’ Lia Block on Lap 2, Chambers then pressured Bianca Bustamante into an error, allowing her to slip past the McLaren driver up the inside of Turn 1 the following lap.

Eventually taking the chequered flag only four seconds behind podium finisher Maya Weug in fourth, she put together an incredibly mature drive. Reflecting after the race, the American acknowledged the need to learn as she went as she tried to maximise her error-free approach.

“I think the race overall was pretty good,” said Chambers. “I think I stayed pretty smart through the race and was trying to keep it clean as best as I could. At the beginning, the pace was lacking a little bit, but compared to the people around m, it wasn't too bad.

“After the Safety Car restart, there was a little bit of jostling for position, but other than that, it stayed pretty single file for the rest of the race. I haven't raced a lot of these drivers before, so I was trying to figure it out, but pretty much everything that I expected to happen happened.

“I was just trying to stay smart and clean as well. I think in the end, doing all that really was what helped me get a couple of extra positions there. At the end, the pace was really good, so I think Race 2 will be even better.”

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The opening race of the 2024 campaign threw many challenges the field’s way – in particular, the Lap 5 Safety Car restart. Noting the need to be both quick to react and get into a routine of consistent lap times, Chambers recognises that tyre management has to be preventative to not ruin her chances in the latter stages.

“The Safety Car restarts are tough because it’s up to the leading driver to really call the start,” she said. “It’s hard, but I think if you just put your full focus into it, really train your reaction times and stay ready, that’s the way to go.

“It’s different from a standing start. A standing start is purely reaction time and your technique on the clutch. Safety Car restarts are really up to reaction time and of course, keeping it clean.”

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Chambers added: “It’s tough to keep the pace good throughout the race, but also, I think this track has pretty low deg on the tyres. So, it’s more about keeping the tyres from sliding and then overheating because you’re not going to be able to do a cooldown lap in a race like you can in a Practice or Qualifying session. Keeping the tyres cool, being consistent, being smooth – I think that’s ultimately where the pace comes in the end of the race.”

After making up four places yesterday, all the signs are there for Chambers to go even better in Race 2. Going from sixth on the grid, she knows it won’t be easy, but the podium is well within her sights.

“For sure, I’ll be aiming for a podium,” she said. “It’s tough getting into the top three spots, but I think with a good start that’s where the majority of my work is. Getting a couple of positions at the start and then from there, trying to work on my driving and try to catch up to the drivers in front of me.”