F1 Academy Discover Your Drive

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F1 Academy Discover your Drive is a global initiative which will encompass all activities at grass root level to increase participation and in turn the talent pool of young girls and women entering the sport both on and off track.

With a focus on three pillars: Community, Youth Engagement and Talent Identification & Participation, F1 Academy Discover Your Drive will offer girls and young women the opportunity to take part in entry-level and professional programmes to promote and enhance female participation in the sport.

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The goal of F1 Academy Discover Your Drive is to increase the pipeline of talent entering the sport, strengthening the pool of drivers aiming to make it to an elite level and supporting those who want to pursue roles off track. The programme will provide a platform to inspire many girls and young women around the world.

In 2024, F1 Academy will be a support series to Formula 1 and F1 Academy Discover Your Drive will run activations around the world in the days leading up to races. These events will engage local communities and invite girls aged 8-18 to attend a variety of workshops and activities to inspire them to consider a future in motorsport. More information on these activities will be announced in due course.