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F1 Academy media accreditation is only granted to written and photo-based media outlets. Any podcast, radio, or filming requests (television/digital/social) will be passed on to Formula 1’s media rights department.

Please note, F1 Academy media accreditation grants access to the F1 Academy paddock only.

Accreditation Application Deadlines

The accreditation deadline for all events is 14 days before the start of the event. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their request no later than 10 days before the start of the event.

Accreditation Requests

Requests for media accreditation must be submitted via an application form provided by the F1 Academy Media & Communications team. The form can be requested by emailing

Requests are only complete when the form has been returned correctly with a passport-style photo ID attached in JPEG, JPG or PNG format.

Accreditation Criteria

As part of the media accreditation process, applicants must provide ALL the details requested within the application form. Forms with missing information will be considered incomplete.

F1 Academy will only allocate media accreditation to outlets intending to publish reports related to the event(s) for which the accreditation has been requested.
Applicants will also be required to read and acknowledge the 2023 Media Access Protocols.


Press clippings and/or links must be sent to the F1 Academy Media & Communications team ( following the event for which the accreditation is granted. Failure to do so may impact any subsequent media accreditation requests.

Quality of Coverage

The highest standards of fairness and accuracy are expected as a minimum quality requirement from the media. Freelance journalists must prove the supply of regular stories to publications, via press clippings and/or links.

For photo accreditation, photography agencies must be able to prove that the pictures have been regularly sold to publications and have been paid for at the normal commercial rate.

Written publications must be on sale to the public (trade, club or internal company magazines will not be accredited). Publications must also be of sufficient circulation to warrant the allocation of a credential.

Online media applying for accreditation must be able to prove traffic figures and a high percentage of unique content and material not available elsewhere.

Accreditation requests from journalists and photographers working for a specific team or driver will not be granted. Media working for a specific team and/or driver should request a pass from the relevant team.


Accreditation decisions are made by the F1 Academy Media & Communication department according to well-established and recognised principles and procedures:

  1. Respect for the accreditation deadline
  2. A commitment of coverage devoted to F1 Academy
  3. Meeting the circulation and/or quality criteria
  4. Compliance with the requested elements of the procedure (may include a formal request for headed paper signed by the Publisher or the Editor, sample of the publication, proof of coverage, representative's ID photo and press card);

F1 Academy reserves the right to deny accreditation without explanation.